Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the best way to cook a pudding?

Sticky Puddings

A standard portion cut out of foil container into a dessert bowl/plate in a microwave for approximately 30-35 seconds (700w – microwaves do vary – please check) will be ready to eat serve with cream / ice cream/ clotted cream.

The whole pudding can be warmed in the oven in a bain-marie (dish of water half way up side of pudding) leaving lid in place (having removed plastic outer wrapper) for approximately 30 mins at a temperature of 120c. When warm serve with cream / ice cream / clotted cream.

Christmas Puddings

To steam – remove outer packaging and place pudding in steamer for approximately 20 minutes per 100g of pudding. To microwave – remove outer packaging and microwave for approximately 30 seconds per 100g of pudding.  Please be careful as microwaves can vary greatly.  We do recommend that puddings over 454g are steamed for best results.

How should I store my pudding?

Sticky Puddings

Sticky Puddings should be refrigerated at 5C.

For long term storage freezing is recommended.

Christmas Puddings

Christmas Puddings should be stored in a cool dry & dark place.

What is the shelf life of my pudding?

Sticky Puddings

Sticky Puddings & Sauces will have at least 3 weeks refrigerated life but could be longer.

All our puddings are suitable for home freezing for up to 6 months

.Christmas Puddings

Christmas Puddings will always last till after Christmas.


What is the approximate size and weight of a pudding?

It is difficult to be precise with regard to portions as this tends to be an individual choice. The following information may assist you, depending on how generous you wish your portions to be!

Sticky Puddings

Small: 245g, serves 2-3
Large: 380g, serves 4
X Large: 600g, serves 6
XX Large : 1300g serves 12

Christmas Puddings

X Small: 150g serves 1
Small: 225g, serves 1-2
Medium: 450g, serves 3-5
Large: 900g, serves 6-10
X Large: 1350g, serves 10-15

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