Cakes, Flapjack & Brownie

  • Chocolate Brownie

    Soft centre made with a 60% Belgian chocolate. 3pc Gift Bag.


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  • Date & Ginger Flapjack

    Not as sweet as the rich flapjack with a drier firmer texture with sticky dates and crushed stem ginger.

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  • Fruity Flapjack

    The same as our rich flapjack with raisins.

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  • Gluten-Free Teabread

    Wheat and dairy free tea bread.


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  • Honey, Date and Tart Cherry Flapjack

    Handmade oat flapjack with dates and tart (dried) cherries containing no processed sugar

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  • Rich Flapjack

    A rich buttery chewy flapjack

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  • Rich Fruitcake

    Traditional fruitcake made in our farmhouse kitchen, no alcohol.

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